Bowen Technique How can such a gentle technique have such a profound effect on the complexity of the human body?, well there are many explanations based on the energy and informational model Bowen is a form of soft tissue therapy based on the teachings of the gifted Australian osteopath and body worker Tom Bowen and which is known today as Bowen Therapy Bowen developed the technique after many years working as an osteopath, combined with his high degree of observation and sensitivity to the workings of the human body. He discovered that there was a correlation between certain health complaints and patterns of muscular dysfunction He went on to develop and expand his technique with a high degree of success, attracting a high volume of patients suffering from a wide range of health problems Bowen eventually trained a small number of select practitioners, who in turn passed on the teachings of this highly effective therapy which is known today as Bowen Technique or Bowen Therapy How is Bowen applied With the person lay on a treatment couch in light clothing, the practitioner applies a gentle challenge to certain muscles, which in turn initiates an almost instant response from the body The individual may have an awareness of tingling and or heat due to neuromuscular activity as the body initiates adaptive regulation,  this can be a very pleasant experience as the body prepares for a healing response I have been practising Bowen Technique here at the clinic since 2001, it is a comparatively unknown technique but rapidly gaining recognition because of its remarkable success rate I would be happy to answer any questions regarding your needs, just phone or email me Bowen Technique at The Norton Homeopathic Practice