The Norton Homeopathic Practice 103 Worcester Street Stourbridge DY8 1AX Reflexology is a natural holistic treatment preformed on the feet using specific techniques, manipulations and degrees of pressure to reflex points mapped on the feet. These reflex points correspond and connect to all the glands, organs and systems in the body. Stimulating these reflexes can help correct congestion and imbalances in the body on a physical and emotional level helping energy to flow freely. Reflexology is a well recognised complimentary or holistic therapy originating back centuries and practiced by a variety of cultures. Reflexology has been found to be one of the most effective ways of reducing stress levels and aiding relaxation. Stress being one of today’s contributing factors leading to many illnesses. Reiki is a technique for stress reduction that also promotes healing. During a session, the patient remains clothed and the practitioner’s hands are placed near or lightly touching various parts of the body, including areas around the head, shoulders, stomach, legs, and feet. Most patients report feelings of relaxation, and patients often fall asleep during a session. Sessions can last from ten minutes to more than an hour, depending upon available time. Telephone Sue For Appointments  07816 648946 Reflexology Reiki